“Changing of the guard”

The funeral for President Hinckley was yesterday and it was quite nice. You can view it on BYU.TV still. I was composed through the whole thing until right at the very end. President Monson gave the concluding address, and after quoting “God Be With You Till We Meet Again”, he said, “Gordon, God be with you till we meet again.” There was just something about the way he used his first name as if he were speaking to his friend who was beside him. For some reason that was very touching. Then during the closing song there were pictures of President Hinckley from throughout the years shown. It was all very well done.

I was a little surprised that things were happening so quickly (I thought there might be a few days), but there is already a press release out saying that there will be a press conference tomorrow at 11 am Mountain time announcing the new First Presidency. As President Packer said, we know who it will be. It has always been the senior apostle and will always be the senior apostle. It’ll be interesting to hear what President Monson has to say. I presume that President Eyring will still be in the First Presidency, but who will the other counselor be? President Eyring is one of the most junior apostles, but has experience (however brief) in the First President. Will he be first or second counselor? Will he be first counselor over someone who is a more senior apostle? Will he be second counselor to a more senior apostle, even though he is more “senior” in the First Presidency? Not terribly important, but still interesting to me.

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