PETA Urges New Mormon President to Promote Humane, Scriptural Vegetarian Diets

Normally when I think of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), I think of them protesting outside a KFC or similar establishment. However, just the other day they issued a press release directed at the Church, and wrote a letter to President Monson. The press release is as follows, followed by the content of the letter (which you can read on their site):

This morning, PETA sent a letter to newly elected Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints President Thomas Monson wishing him well in his new position and urging him to emphasize God’s requirement to protect His creatures and treat our bodies as sacred gifts by urging all Mormons to go vegetarian.

“As you know, the Doctrine and Covenants states, ‘And [animals] hath God made for the use of man only in times of famine and excess of hunger,'” writes PETA Vice President Bruce Friedrich, a lifelong Christian, in his letter to Monson. “Adopting a vegetarian diet is a wonderful Christian response to the unholy abuse of billions of animals every year by today’s industrialized meat industry.”

To help Mormons adhere to scripture, achieve better health, and save animals from bleak lives and painful deaths, PETA is offering to work with Monson to design a Mormon-focused version of PETA’s “Vegetarian Starter Kit” to be distributed at various temples and church events.

It might seem like an odd association, but there is a connection there. I don’t think we need to be vegetarians, but I do think we need to be more aware of how we treat all of God’s creatures. The same goes for “green” causes. God created the earth… shouldn’t we care for it? Whatever cause we support, I still don’t think they’ll be handing out a “Vegetarian Starter Kit” at the temple any time soon 🙂

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