New official picture of the First Presidency

Although the posting is dated from Friday, today an official picture of the new First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was released. I quite like it. You can download a large version of the picture from the Newsroom.

Research Information Division

I Friday I received a phone call from the Research Information Division of the Church (part of the Correlation Department). This is the division that does the surveys (research) whenever the Church wants to know about things. In this case, they were calling Branch Presidents and Bishops to find out about issues that their members […]

My first memo with new First Presidency signatures

Essentially every week I get a large envelope with various memos in it from Church headquarters. The packet I got this week had the first memo with signatures from all three members of the new First Presidency. The memo was dated February 6, 2008 and is called “Reissued Statement son Missionary Work”. If you’re into […]

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