The Apostle Song

Someone sent me a link to a YouTube video for something called “The Apostle Song”. It is a little song that helps you remember our current 15 apostles (including the First Presidency). The tune sounds like the theme song from The Beverly Hillbillies (or so my wife says). Strangely enough, that very day I also […]

Ward Conference Talk

Yesterday was our ward conference. This is the talk I gave: As I spoke about in January, one of our main focuses this year is to reach out to our brothers and sisters that we don’t see as often as we’d like. Following the Stake Presidency’s example, we want to help all of our members […]

“Christ welcoming us through the veil of death”

By Common Consent has a neat post about a new cemetery in Austria that will have a section exclusively for Mormons. Apparently there will be a statue in the centre that shows Christ bringing someone through the veil. Although this is obviously temple-related, there doesn’t seem to be anything temple-specific shown on the statue. I […]

More on church research

One of the most read posts so far was on the Church Information Division. Well, the church does more research other than the phone calls I described. They also do basic surveys, just like ones you might see from major companies (about product satisfaction). No, you probably won’t be asked to fill out a survey […]

178th Annual General Conference – Sunday Afternoon Session

Well, General Conference is now over. Just like yesterday, we went to the chapel for the earlier session, and then watched the later session at home. Overall, I quite enjoyed the talks this year. Sometimes there will be a talk or two that I just can’t follow, or more like my heart just isn’t into […]

178th Annual General Conference – Sunday Morning Session

I guess we could watch General Conference from home, but we’re so used to going to Church on Sunday morning, we still went to the chapel this morning to watch the Sunday morning session. There were a lot of others who had the same feeling, as the turnout was quite good. President Dieter F. Uchtdorf […]

Mormons affirm new church leader

From MSNBC: Faithful Mormons stood by the thousands with upraised hands Saturday, officially installing the newly appointed head of their first new leader in 13 years. Thomas S. Monson took over The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in February after the death of Gordon B. Hinckley, but the faith traditionally calls for a […]

D. Todd Christofferson press conference

As seems to be the tradition, there was a press conference held between sessions of conference yesterday where Elder Christofferson and his wife spoke. Sister Christofferson didn’t have much to say other than that she fully supported her husband. Elder Christofferson didn’t have any opening remarks and immediately took questions. He was asked questions about […]

178th Annual General Conference – Priesthood Session

Whenever my father and I live in the same city, we have a tradition of going to the priesthood session of General Conference together. Afterwards we always go out for a snack of some kind. We’ve lived in the same city for the last 8 years or so, and we’ve attended almost every one together. […]

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