178th Annual General Conference – Saturday Afternoon Session

I’m sure there were a large number of people who watched/listened to the morning session because of the sustaining. I would guess that the afternoon session has significantly less people listening. We watched the morning session at the Church, but watched the afternoon session on BYU.tv.

  • Audit report
    • As always, everything is a-ok. I know back in the day they actually used to share numbers/values here. But for something like 30 years or more they have not shared any dollar values. I wonder what the purpose is now. If there were any problems, would they actually say so in the report?
  • Statistical report
    • 2,790 stakes
    • 348 missions
    • 618 districts
    • 27,827 wards/branches
    • 13,193,999 membership
    • 93,698 child of record
    • 279,218 converts
    • 52,686 full time missionaries
    • 124 operating temple
  • Elder Dallin H. Oaks ** may use this as a lesson **
    • testimony
    • facts of eternal significance
    • not a travel log, a sermon
    • recognize child for their growing testimony, not just for schooling
    • relationship between obedience and knowledge
    • we can follow leaders, but for still know for ourselves
  • Elder Robert D. Hales ** may use this as a lesson **
    • solemn assembly was not a vote
    • it was a commitment to uphold the commandments and a prophet of God
    • knowing God and Jesus
    • learned through Articles of Faith
    • talk was all about Jesus
  • Elder Gerald N. Lund
    • opening our hearts to the Holy Spirit
    • the Spirit will enter our heart only if we allow it
    • Pride desensitizes our hearts
  • Elder Carlos A. Amado ** may use this as a lesson **
    • 3 purposes for the Saviour
    • assignment to carry out infinite/eternal sacrifice
    • teach the doctrine
    • build the kingdom by serving others
  • Elder William R. Walker
    • organization of presidencies
    • virtually all leaders serve in a presidency… a president with two counsellors
    • you can’t be a one-man operation
    • won’t use as lesson, but will probably discuss at Ward Council Meeting
  • Elder Richard G. Scott
    • speaking to those who suffer from or cause various causes of abuse
    • tough topic; gave a lot of “disclaimers” at the start; I assume he was asked to give a talk on this topic
    • healing can come through atonement
    • won’t use as lesson, but will keep on hand as a reference if the need arises
  • Elder L. Tom Perry
    • gospel of Jesus is a recipe for eternal life
    • enduring to the end is not a “do it yourself” project

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