178th Annual General Conference – Saturday Morning Session

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, so I figured this was as good a topic as any to get going again. This morning we packed up the kids and got to the chapel just before noon so we could watch the first session of General Conference. I don’t take extensive notes, but since I need to come up with lessons for the 4th Sunday for the next 6 months, I do make a few notes. Here are my notes/observations from this session of conference:

  • D. Todd Christofferson was called as the new apostle. I know nothing about him, but the Deseret News has a bit of information about him.
  • There was no option for the General Authorities to oppose the sustaining. It wasn’t until they got to the Area Authorities and other Melchizedek priesthood holders that there was an option for opposition. Why is that? Do they sustain him in a different sort of solemn assembly beforehand (earlier on)?
  • Two Area Seventies from the North America Northeast area were released, Elder Ross McEachran and Elder Anthony Temple. I only recognized one replacement… David Murray, president of the Brampton Stake was called as an Area Seventy.
  • The YW General Presidency was changed
  • Elder Russell M. Nelson
    • developing faith
    • the home is God’s laboratory of love & service
    • give correction to children in private
    • show forth increase of love quickly
    • salvation is individual, exaltation is family
  • Elder Ronald A. Rasband ** may use this as a lesson **
    • experience for our good
    • what experiences strengthen your testimony?
    • building our house of faith
  • Sister Cheryl C. Lant
    • family traditions
    • what patterns and traditions are we giving to our children?
  • Elder Kenneth Johnson
    • never accept less than your best in your family
  • Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin ** may use this as a lesson **
    • true disciples of Christ are concerned with the one
    • need more compassion for those who are different than us
    • we all make mistakes, but how do we respond?
  • President Henry B. Eyring ** may use this as a lesson **
    • the Church is both true and living
    • the keys are held by mortals
    • measure the depth of our gratitude for membership in the Church
    • know by the Holy Ghost how we can do better in keeping the commandments
    • the faith of the members have improved the Church
    • we need to reach out and act
    • God honours the priesthood keys he has given to the leaders

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