178th Annual General Conference – Priesthood Session

Whenever my father and I live in the same city, we have a tradition of going to the priesthood session of General Conference together. Afterwards we always go out for a snack of some kind. We’ve lived in the same city for the last 8 years or so, and we’ve attended almost every one together. Also for the last several years we’ve had a “sub-sational” for the YM where the YM and their fathers come to the Church and hour early and we have subs together. Since I’ve been the bishop I’ve brought my father. However this time he was in North Carolina for the baptism of one of his grand daughters, so I went alone to the “sub-sational” and the broadcast. Then afterwards, I stopped at McDonald’s on the way home for my snack.

The session was good. You could tell everyone was anxious to hear President Monson’s first address in conference as President of the church. He didn’t address any particular issues. It was more a “rally the troops” sort of talk, but it was still quite good.

  • Elder Quentin L. Cook ** may use this as a lesson **
    • periods of crisis and danger
    • heed the words of the prophet
    • prophetic priorities
    • preventative inoculation
  • Bishop H. David Burton
    • highlighted humanitarian efforts
    • The Church responded to 175 natural disaster events in 52 countries
    • The Church’s efforts with wheelchairs, vision, training, etc helped 3.9 million people in 85 countries
  • Brother Dean R. Burgess
    • “Do you know who you are?”
    • honour your family
    • makes you strong, confident, have courage
    • Do you know that you are a son of God?
    • Do you know who you are in God’s plan?
    • Do you know who you are as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?
  • Elder John M. Madsen
    • Deacons bench
    • need to see the divine potential in the YM
  • President Dieter F. Uchtdorf ** may use this as a lesson **
    • the difference between happiness and misery comes down to an error of only a few degrees
    • become self-disciplined enough to make corrections
    • don’t wait for the errors to correct themselves
    • through repentance and the atonement we can be forgiven
  • President Henry B. Eyring
    • priesthood holders need to have confidence and rise to the blessings of the Oath and Covenant
    • God know your power and capacity
    • have confidence in your service
    • God wants you to succeed
    • President Bush called President Hinckley as he was flying over Utah in Air Force One to say thank you for our people helping after a hurricane
  • President Thomas S. Monson
    • we live in dangerous times
    • if we are on the Lord’s errand we are entitled to the Lord’s help
    • the face of sin wears the mask of tolerance
    • no disguise can change the truth
    • stand for right even if you stand alone
    • no YM in the Church should be without the influence of good men in their lives
    • honour the priesthood we bear through the service we render

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