178th Annual General Conference – Sunday Afternoon Session

Well, General Conference is now over. Just like yesterday, we went to the chapel for the earlier session, and then watched the later session at home. Overall, I quite enjoyed the talks this year. Sometimes there will be a talk or two that I just can’t follow, or more like my heart just isn’t into it. This year, although there were some talks that I didn’t find too interesting, I stayed focus and enjoyed almost all of them.

  • Elder Jeffrey R. Holland ** may use this as a lesson **
    • God continues to speak his word
    • the verse in Revelations means that Revelations is not to be added to
    • continuing revelation does not discredit current revelation
  • Elder David A. Bednar ** may use this as a lesson **
    • ask in faith
    • faith is a principle of action
    • simply saying “They will be done” is not enough”
  • Elder W. Craig Zwick
    • are we lowering our standards to fit in?
  • Elder Robert R. Steuer
    • discovering spiritual light is awe inspiring
    • learn true doctrine
    • gain pure testimony
    • live courageously
  • Elder Dennis B. Neuenschwander ** may use this as a lesson **
    • beware of crowds
    • the crowd came to see the Lord, she came to be healed
    • pass safely through the crowds
  • Elder Lance B. Wickman
    • need to see today with the promise of tomorrow
    • need to repent today
  • Elder Craig C. Christensen
    • purpose of the Book of Mormon
  • Elder M. Russell Ballard ** will encourage RS to use this as a lesson **
    • no role in life more essential than motherhood
    • what can you do as a young mother to enjoy mother hood?
    • don’t over-schedule yourselves or your children
    • pray, study, teach the gospel
    • what can I do as a husband?
    • what can children to to help their mother?
    • what can the church do?
  • President Thomas S. Monson
    • spoke of his wife being in a coma for 27 days
    • treat your wife with dignity and respect
    • honour your husband
    • show love to your children
    • “pray for me”

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