D. Todd Christofferson press conference

Official portrait of D. Todd Christofferson

As seems to be the tradition, there was a press conference held between sessions of conference yesterday where Elder Christofferson and his wife spoke. Sister Christofferson didn’t have much to say other than that she fully supported her husband. Elder Christofferson didn’t have any opening remarks and immediately took questions. He was asked questions about how he was called, his family history, his legal background, and more. He spoke well and seemed comfortable. I don’t remember anything of him from previous talks he has given, so I didn’t have any previous opinion of him. I’m sure we’ll hear him today, but based on the press conference alone, I’m sure he will be a very effective teacher and inspire many members.

To watch the press conference, go to BYU.tv, pull up yesterday’s date, and click on the LDS World Report at 12:00pm. At about the 35 minute mark, the press conference starts. You can also read about the press conference on the Salt Lake Tribune web site.

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