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One of the most read posts so far was on the Church Information Division. Well, the church does more research other than the phone calls I described. They also do basic surveys, just like ones you might see from major companies (about product satisfaction). No, you probably won’t be asked to fill out a survey about how satisfied you are with how your tithing money is spent, but there are survey’s being done about a variety of topics. I recently received an email about “Improving Family History Consultant E-mail Messages” (the link takes you to the survey). The survey is just a single page with a question about how much the emails help you, what content you would like in the emails, and a comments field. In this case, the survey is run by Inquisite Inc.

In the past, I’ve also done a survey (by following a link at another site) about handheld content (files for your PDA).

If you ever get an email like this, I’d suggest that you complete the survey. Who knows how much they listen, but it is a chance to make your voice heard on these sorts of simple topics.

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  1. I am pretty sure that “Inquisite” is the name of the survey software they used for that survey. The survey itself was probably done by the Church itself.

  2. Inquisite Inc is the company, but yes, I’m sure the Church built the survey themselves. I assume they are just using Inquisite to host the survey and gather the results.

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