Church President in shorts?

No, not our Church President, but the President of the Community of Christ (formerly the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or RLDS). Someone with a Blogger blog has posted about some work at a camp they are doing. The last picture in the post is of President Stephen M. Veazey. It’s […]

Official web sites of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints v2

One of the most popular pages on this site is the posting a I did a while ago on the Official Web sites of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (note: this links to the old version). Since then, I’ve collected new links and have created a page that is linked to on […]

Pearl of Great Price Sudoku

I don’t get the New Era (yet… I subscribed on Monday), but apparently the July issue has a neat word Sudoku with 9 words from or about Moses 1:39. The words are: Moses 1:39 For Behold Work Glory Immortality Eternal Life This is a neat idea. Hopefully they will do more of them.

My Sacrament Meeting talk from Sunday

One of the little perks of being Bishop is that you can decide when I’m going to speak. I usually feel inspired to speak on a certain topic and when I have some fully developed thoughts, I pick a date. This time was a little different. I knew that I needed to speak, but I […]

Encyclopedia of Mormonism Online in Searchable Text

LDS Media Talk has let us all know that the “Encyclopedia of Mormonism Online in Searchable Text“: We’re now happy to announce that the Encyclopedia of Mormonism is available in text format that is fully searchable. Each entry also has a link back to a PDF scan of the page from the original 1992 publication. […]

History of MLS (Member and Leader Services)

The Church’s tech web site has a great article about the history of MLS: In 1999, the Member and Statistical Records Department (MSR) began considering a rewrite of the local unit Member Information System (MIS) and Financial Information System (FIS). Since 1986 priesthood leaders had been using separate applications to manage local Church unit membership […]

“Sharing the gospel”

The Ottawa Citizen has a nice article about Gladys Knight and her faith: Between each line of pain and glory in a long musical career, Gladys Knight has always found time for God. Even in her darkest hours after personal tragedies, fighting racism or battling addictions, Knight has looked to God for consolation. This closeness […]

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