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New Era Survey

Speaking of surveys… (again, from LDS Media Talk):

Tell the New Era magazine what you think of their most recent covers by filling out an online survey.

Add this to the New Family Search survey, and that makes 3 in just a few days…

Ensign Survey

Via LDS Media Talk

The Church’s Ensign magazine has just posted an online survey to gather information to help make the Ensign even better. Please take a moment to take the survey.

I took the survey. It only took a few minutes. There questions about which sections you read, what you would like to read, etc. One question that for some reason seemed a little odd to me was one about on a scale of 1 to 10 how important is the Ensign in your life. I’m a very active member of the Church; I have a calling; my wife has a calling; but I have to say that the Ensign is not very important in my life. It’s just a magazine. I wonder how other people are answering that questions…

President Monson turns 81

Happy (belated) birthday President Monson!

Request for Family History Consultants to Find Evaluators for the New Web Site

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is developing a new version of the Web site. This new Web site will help individuals identify ancestors and link them to families, and it will help Church members perform temple ordinances for their ancestors.

Can you volunteer an hour of time to help evaluate this new Web site? Do you know someone else who might be interested? We are looking for feedback to help make the Web site as easy and enjoyable to use as possible. We are especially interested in feedback from individuals who are new to family history.

Anyone over age 18 interested in participating in this evaluation is invited to go to the following Internet address to sign-up:

Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm. We greatly value your time and opinion.

The FamilySearch User Experience Evaluation Team
Family History Department
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Survey: Many believe in divine intervention

The Associated Press (seen on CNN) has an article about how most people believe that God will save people’s lives:

When it comes to saving lives, God trumps doctors for many Americans.

An eye-opening survey reveals widespread belief that divine intervention can revive dying patients. And, researchers said, doctors “need to be prepared to deal with families who are waiting for a miracle.”

Recently, my mother was quite ill, and ended up in the hospital for 62 days. She was given a few blessings before various procedures, and is now well on her way to recovery. She has had 5 doctors tell her she’s lucky to be alive. The latest doctor to see her said that he has never had a patient go through what she has and live. He said he has never heard of anyone go through what she went through and live.

I guess the bottom line is… count me in the group that believes “God trumps doctors”!

Math + religion = Trouble

This article from the Toronto Star is 7 months old, and I’ve had a draft sitting waiting to be posted since then.

Which math-phobic among us has not beseeched God for help with another colon-clenching algebra or calculus exam? Had we heeded the words of the German mathematician Leopold Kronecker, perhaps we would have realized we’ve been talking to the wrong person: “God made the integers; all else is the work of man.”

Pythagoras, who gave us his eponymous theorem on right-angled triangles, headed a cult of number worshippers who believed God was a mathematician. “All is number,” they would intone.

The article shares all sorts of neat tidbits about how certain numbers are found regularly in nature. It also quotes the New York Times in saying that “mathematicians believe in God at a rate 2 1/2 times that of biologists”.

There are several numbers that hold special meaning in the Church:

  • 1 – Jesus Christ is the One, our only Saviour
  • 2 – In the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses shall every word be established
  • 3 – Virtually all presidencies are made up of 3 people, there are 3 degrees of glory, there are 3 members of the Godhead
  • 7 – 7 quorums of 70
  • 12 – 12 apostles
  • 70 – quorums of 70

I’m sure there are more, but those are the ones I could think of quickly.

Official Church videos web site

Another update to the listing of Official web sites of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Did you know the Church has a sub-domain (actually a redirect to another part of the site) that is exclusively for videos? Well, has scripture resource videos, firesides, and even The World Report (the news show between sessions of conference).