178th Semiannual General Conference – Sunday Afternoon Session

Like we did yesterday afternoon, we watched conference at home. Unfortunately, unlike yesterday, the video feed was pretty bad. Yesterday everything loaded perfectly right from the start. Today, I couldn’t get anything to play until about 15 minutes after the session started. Even the audio stream from the Church web site would cut out. BYU.tv wouldn’t play, and KSL TV wouldn’t play either. Oh well, at least it played eventually.

  • President Uchtdorf conducted the meeting
  • President Boyd K. Packer
    • liberty
    • pioneers
    • NOTE: I missed much of this talk because of the video problem mentioned above
  • Elder Russell M. Nelson
    • joy comes when we choose to follow
    • marriage between a man and a woman is sacred and ordained of God
    • the talk was about the importance of proper marriage
  • Brother William D. Oswald * might be used as a 4th Sunday lesson *
    • teaching
      1) show love for those you teach and call them by name
      2) teach from the scriptures
      3) encourage the pondering of gospel truths
  • Elder Eduardo Gavarret
    • I drifted off a bit during this one… sorry!
  • Elder Carlos A. Godoy
    • we don’t have to have great spiritual experiences
    • the basic experiences give us the strength we need
  • Elder Quentin L. Cook * might be used as a 4th Sunday lesson *
    • enduring trials (there were several speakers throughout General Conference who mentioned this sort of thing)
    • we suffer together, but we can also help each other
  • President Thomas S. Monson
    • the conference has been inspiring
    • we’ve felt the Spirit, our hearts have been touched, our testimonies have been strengthened
    • may we long remember what we have heard
    • Heavenly Father is mindful of the challenges we face
    • persevere in the pursuit of this most precious prize

So that brings an end to General Conference. It was pretty good. There were several talks that I thought were just great. I think it will be easy to come up with the lessons for the 4th Sunday of each month.

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