Avoiding the syndrome of shaken faith

Orson Scott Card has a great article up on the Mormon Times web site. He gives a lengthy intro to a couple of theories (shaken baby syndrome, global warming, recovered memories, etc) and how if we get too caught up with something, we can run into problems when that thing changes. I might not be summarizing it well, but in my mind the article is telling us not to be too extreme in our beliefs. We need to be grounded in core doctrine, not a pet project or cause. The article is summed up well in these two paragraphs.

The “winds of doctrine” in our culture blow this way and that, sometimes advanced by charlatans (as with “recovered memories”) and sometimes by fervent believers who don’t pause to question their own questions.

What makes me sad is how many Latter-day Saints leap like kites into these winds and then cut the thread of faith that would have left them with some connection to truth. Untethered, they blow wherever the wind takes them.

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