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Apparently there has been a Vatican YouTube account since November 2005, but I guess they’ve just started to post about it. I found out about it on the Official Google Blog:

Today we’re delighted to announce that the Vatican has launched a dedicated YouTube channel.

To find out more about why the Pope has taken the decision to interact with YouTube on a regular basis, here is a short introduction from Father Federico Lombardi, S.I., Director of Vatican Radio, the Vatican Television Centre and the Holy See Press Office.

So, for regular updates on the Pope and the Catholic Church’s take on the major problems facing the world today, subscribe to the Vatican on YouTube.

The Globe and Mail had some more information:

“It certainly shows that the church recognizes the value of YouTube and making itself as accessible as widely as possible using whatever means possible,” said Rev. John Pungente, an ordained Catholic priest and executive director of the Jesuit Communication Project in Toronto.

“It shows we’re not stuck back in the Middle Ages, chanting somewhere. Just as we have used radio and television to spread the word about the church, now we should certainly be using something like YouTube on the Internet.”

Of course, this raises the question, of what is the Church doing with YouTube. Well, there is an LDSPublicAffairs channel. Unfortunately, nothing has been posted for over 3 months. The one thing I was impressed with about the Vatican channel, is that Father Lombardi did a personal introduction. This seems like it would be the equivalent of a Seventy doing the same thing. Good idea… go for it! I think the Church’s YouTube channel would be much more useful if there were news items and things done specifically for YouTube. The new temple in Utah has been in the news, but YouTube doesn’t have anything official from the Church about it. President Monson just spoke a couple of weeks ago at a CES fireside, but YouTube doesn’t have anything official from the Church about it. Some members of the Church heirarchy met recently with both Republican and Democratic leaders in Utah, but YouTube doesn’t have anything official from the Church about it. I could go on, but you get the point. I certainly wouldn’t say the Church is “stuck back in the Middle Ages”. They have been very effective at using some newer technology, but I also think that they could do more. Hopefully with some “competition”, the Church will use this resource more effectively.

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