Church “Disabilities Resources” web site (sub-domain)

I first heard about this on the LDS Tech web site in a posting called Disability Resources Web Site

Apparently the Church has a sub-domain of the main site that focuses on disabilities. It has information about a variety of disabilities, and focuses on how to help people with disabilities and their families. It also has suggestions for leaders and teachers.

This Web section on disabilities has been created to offer support, comfort, and an increased level of acceptance toward those with disabilities.

Those individuals who live with a disability, their caregivers, as well as leaders, teachers, and members may find within this site additional understanding of specific disabilities and some of the difficulties faced by those involved.

Normally these sub-domains redirect to the regular site. In this case, it seems like many of the pages actually stay on the disabilities sub-domain.

I’ve updated the Official web sites of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints page with this information.

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