Attending Church away from “home”

I haven’t posted for a week and a half. My family went on a vacation down to Orlando. My in-laws rented a house there for a month, and we visited for 8 days. It was great. The weather was gorgeous (blue sky and 27°C/80°F every day).

We were there for one Sunday, and went to Sacrament Meeting at the Kissimmee Ward. The first thing that caught our attention was that it was our building. By that, I mean that the building was obviously built around the same time in the 50s and is the same basic building plan. I’m sure back when it was built the meetinghouse was in the middle of nowhere. Now it sits in the middle of a plaza parking lot along a major roadway.

It happened to be their ward conference that week. There were loads of people there and 8 YM (we only use 5 in our ward) passed the sacrament (I don’t know if this is normal, or if they had more because of ward conference). There were 2 speakers; a counselor in the stake presidency and the stake president. The counselor spoke about the importance of families. The stake president spoke about Proposition 8 (briefly), families, and then concluded his talk with a side note about how if you have a temple recommend and you don’t pay your tithing, you won’t have a temple recommend any more (perhaps there is a problem in Kissimmee, I don’t know).

On the one hand, attending Church in a different ward, was almost like attending Church back home (especially when the building looked the same). The hymns are the same, the way the prayers are offered are the same, etc. On the other hand, it still didn’t feel like home. The members were welcoming, but I missed my friends, associates, and others I serve with back in my home ward. There’s no place like home!

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