Does God really care about the little things?

The title of this post certainly is not meant to be blasphemous. It’s a serious question I have. Of course I know the scriptures about how God knows all and counts/gathers his people. But what about the daily things. On second thought, maybe my question is more about the wording and purpose of our prayers.

  • Someone’s car is dying a slow death. Should they pray that the car will keep working or should they pray that whatever happens they will have transportation available
  • We are looking to buy another house. Should we be praying that we can buy this house, or should we be praying that we have a house to stay in. To expand on this, I know people who have been in this situation and said that if it’s God’s will, it will happen (they will sell their house or buy a new one). Does God really have a “will” for 6 billion people and where they live? Does he have a “will” for some of us where we live.
  • A person hates their job. Should they be praying for a new job or the patience to deal with the issues they face in their current job

I understand there are no right or wrong answers here. Ultimately, I’m curious if God really cares about some of the little things we pray for, or are we “burdening” him with things that we should be dealing with on our own. On the other hand, as a father, I talk to my children about anything and everything, and so I suppose we should be doing the same with our Father in Heaven.

I’m certainly not having a crisis of faith, or having troubles with my own prayers, but this was just a thought I’d been having recently.

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  1. No one has replied on this and I felt it was time someone did. I think in essence God leaves us up to figuring most things out on our own. I am sure you have seen a couple come into your office and tell you that they are not doing well with their finances and they pay an honest and full tithe as well as offerings and yet they just can’t make ends meet.

    A week later the husband takes on a second job part-time and it’s just enough to help them. They thank their Heavenly Father as one should for finding the job, but in the end it was their faith and their hard work searching for a way that lead them to find what they needed. I don’t think we burden Heavenly Father, I mean after all He’s a God, but I think it’s good for us to talk things out with Him regardless of how small the issue. But in the end, I think many things are left up to us to decide.

    “I teach them correct principles and they govern themselves.”-Joseph Smith Jr.

  2. I disagree somewhat with Rob and Graham. The Lord tells us in Alma that we are to “cry” or pray over our “fields” (equal to their living in their day) and over all they have. So it’s okay to pray that your car will endure or to get a better job.

    BUT He also tells us in the Doctrine and Covenants that we must study it out in our mind and heart and ask if it is right. So if you are buying a house for example, study the situation, make a decision, and pray for confirmation.

    The Lord is omnipotent so he can handle the load. He can care about everyone’s big and small concerns. We do need to handle what we can, but we can and often should ask for help. We will have to qualify for some blessings (like the good tithing example in Rob’s answer.)

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