“Religion helps beat stress, study finds”

This article was in the National Post today.

“These results suggest that religious conviction provides a framework for understanding and acting within one’s environment, thereby acting as a buffer against anxiety and minimizing the experience of error,” said the study published in the journal Psychological Science.

Those with the deepest religious belief were more likely to let mistakes roll off their backs, while those who tend toward atheism were more likely to suffer stress and anxiety after committing an error.

I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but D’uh! I could have told them that. Of course the study actually goes into scientific detail of how a certain section of our brain helps us exercise self-control. It’d be interesting to not just study religious and non-religious people, but compare the religions. Given the Mormon emphasis on the eternities, I wonder if we’d be more likely to let things roll of our backs. But then again, Mormons also seem to carry around a lot of guilt for not being as good/righteous/obedient as we think we should be, we might stress more.

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