Bearing testimony

I really like this Blog Segullah posting where someone is talking about bearing testimony. They comment on how our testimonies should be short and focus on a few main points of the gospel (Joseph Smith was a prophet, the Book of Mormon is true, President Monson is a prophet, etc) and says, “I’m not sure who would want to hear me go up to the pulpit and recite a list of five sentences?”

Good point. I’ll leave it up to you to visit that site and leave your comments there. However, I will say that at one point, because of the suggestion of a member of our Stake Presidency, we were including “tips” in the program on how to bear your testimony. It is hardly ever put in any more. I don’t think we have a big problem. Most people are only up for a few minutes, and do a fine job at bearing their testimony. Our biggest problem is probably that it is always the same people. Perhaps some of those not bearing their testimony have similar feelings to this person.

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