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It wasn’t until I saw a posting from LDS.About.com that I remembered that there will be a new apostle called at the upcoming General Conference. Hmmm… where are all the posts asking for predictions? 🙂 I don’t have any predictions myself. I have no idea whom the Lord will choose, but trust that it will indeed be the right choice.

With regards to topics, I assume that we’ll hear lots about financial responsibility, living within our means, and budgeting. Other than those obvious topics, I’ve received no email forwards of supposed rumours about some big earth-shattering announcement at the upcoming conference.

Speaking of General Conference, I expect that I’ll be doing my postings like I have for the last two conferences (see April 2008 and October 2008).

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  1. I think alot of the members always think of who will be chosen an a new apostle and just out of human nature have there own guess and maybe share those thought s with close friends and family. I know the lord chooses the man for that calling and I welcome it because I love the brethren and rely on there council and am excited for them, as they will have the blessing of serving the lord for the remainder of there lives. just out of fun we pick a few names and wait to hear who it is. If this comment is printed I think the thought I would like to convey is that when it comes down to it, how blessed we are for living prophets and apostles, the privilege of sustaining them this coming Saturday is an honor, and following there council is what the lord would have us do. I know the brethren know of our love and whoever the lord chooses, will receive my sustaining vote this Saturday.

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