$3M show gives Hawaii center ‘breath of life’

I’ve never been to Hawaii, but I’d love to go. While there, I would definitely want to go to the The Polynesian Cultural Center. This article in the Business First chain of newspapers talks about a new attraction that opened in August (the article was from July):

One of Hawaii’s top visitor attractions will debut a new $3 million production next month to help reverse declines in guest numbers.

The Polynesian Cultural Center’s “Ha: The Breath of Life” will replace “Horizons: Where the Sea Meets the Sky,” running since 1995.

The center also has introduced new activities, enhanced others by making them interactive rather than passive experiences, and added special events.

“We have a high satisfactory rating, but the simple fact is, like most attractions, people don’t generally come back unless there is something new and different,” said Alfred Grace, the Polynesian Cultural Center’s chief operating officer. “Like the Disneys and the Universal Studios, there is always a need for an attraction to reinvent itself.”

The PCC is owned by the Church and apparently is a nonprofit. On the one hand, it sounds funny to hear about a Church institution being compared to attractions at Disney or Universal Studios. On the other hand, the Church owns the place, but doesn’t operate it (by that I mean that it is run as a business, not as a ward or branch). If it helps support the university, then it is probably no different than BYU having a football team.

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