Why don’t Mormons wear masks for Halloween?

I’m a little late in posting this question, but better late than never.

A month or two ago in our BYC (Bishopric Youth Committee) meeting, we were planning the youth and ward Halloween parties. One of the youth spoke up and reminded others not to wear masks, and another youth asked why. One of the adult leaders spoke up and said that many of the people in the mob that killed Joseph Smith wore masks, so the Church encourages people to not wear masks. Is that true? I thought it was just because masks are creepy and we like to know who we are talking to.

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  1. I don’t believe that is true. A mask hides your true identity and people sometimes do things they wouldn’t otherwise do if their identity is unknown. To me, it’s always been a symbolic move that we must be on the inside what we project on the outside.

  2. Los santos de los ultimos dias no deberian festejar halloween, es una aberracion, ya que es la noche de brujas, lo cual va en contra de los principios que enseña la iglesia, hay un Dios fuerte celoso, verdadero misericordioso, y Jesucristo su hijo que dio su vida por cada uno de nosotros, no podemos ser tan mesquinos e irnos tras de dioses falsos, el que induce a hacer cosas inapropiadas ya sabemos quien es, el padre de todas las mentiras.

    Google Translate as of 20110322:
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    The saints of the last days should not celebrate Halloween, is an aberration, since it is Halloween, which goes against the principles taught by the church, there is a jealous God, true compassion, and Jesus Christ his son gave his life for each of us can not be as mesquinos and go after false gods, which leads to do inappropriate things we know who is the father of all lies.

    1. Members of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have parties on Halloween. In our ward, we do Trunk or Treat in the parking lot and the kids come around and get treats. We do not celebrate goblins or ghosts and we don’t worship anyone or anything other than our Savior Jesus Christ. We just let the kids dress up and have fun. And the adults dress up too! We do not wear masks that hide our identity. There is nothing in the handbook that says Mormons cannot have a party on Halloween. It is an American tradition. There are other religions that demonize Halloween, but in today’s society, it is simply an opportunity for kids to dress up in costume and visit the homes of friends to receive treats.

  3. Mob that attacked Joseph had painted their faces black not wearing masks lol

    Also, we should not offend the spirit by entertaining evil personas like witches etc, I think Spider-Man is ok.

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