Going Home

A week ago a member of our ward passed away. He was in his 70s, and had been sick for a couple of years. Although sad, it was a relief for his family. He had been a professional in his career, so there was quite a large turnout for the funeral. The family wanted to give more than a few people a chance to offer some remarks, so it was also longer than most that I’ve attended. After the closing prayer, but before the casket was taken out, there was a short video shown. It was of the Libera boys choir singing Going Home. I had never heard of them before, but they are fantastic. It was very touching to here their angelic voices singing these beautiful lyrics:

Going home going home
I am going home
Quiet like, some still day
I am going home

It’s not far, just close by,
through an open door
Work all done, care laid by
never fear no more

Mother’s there expecting me
Father’s waiting too
Lots of faces gathered there
All the friends I knew

I’m just going home

No more fear No more pain
No more stumbling by the way
No more longing for the day
Going to run no more

Morning star lights the way
Restless dreams all gone
Shadows gone, break of day
real life has begun

There’s no break, there’s no end
Just living on
Wide awake, with a smile
going on and on

Going home Going home
I am going home
shadows gone break of day
real life has begun

I’m just going home

I’m pretty sure the video they showed from this YouTube video:

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