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When will the Holy Ghost get a body?

I taught one of the last lessons in High Priest Group at the end of December, and we were discussing judgment and exaltation. Someone asked when the Holy Ghost would get a body? I spoke to this person later, and asked why He needed one, and this person said that we associate exaltation with having a body. Good point.

Anyway, a quick search on the Internet shows that other people have had this question as well. There were two good responses on websites run by FAIR (Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research).

To summarize the answer, we don’t know when He will get a body. Based on D&C 93: 33, we learn that to have a fulness of joy, we need a body. However, it doesn’t say we have to have one. Godhood is not defined by having a body. The Holy Ghost does not have a body, but He is in the Godhead. Christ was considered a God before he was born, and He didn’t have a body yet.

Strange sign to have in your house

Look at this bizarre sign I saw at a “dollar store” not too far from my house. What a strange thing to have up on your wall!