Ministering Between Kingdoms

Another thought from the High Priest Group lesson I mentioned the other day.

We learn in D&C 76 about the post-mortal life (specifically the three degrees of glory). Heavenly Father lives exclusively in the Celestial Kingdom. Jesus lives there, too, but will visit the Terrestrial Kingdom. The Holy Ghost will be felt in the Telestial Kingdom. Apparently beings will be able to visit down the line as well. Those in the Terrestrial Kingdom can visit those in the Telestial Kingdom, and beings in the Celestial Kingdom can visit the Terrestrial kingdom.

If you are interested, I found a couple of good quotes about this sort of visitation here.

The question asked in class was, “What is the purpose of that?” There is no chance to jump between worlds going up, so having someone come from a place you can’t go to is almost like another hell. I had never thought of it that way before. I thought about it a little more, and I’ve come to a different conclusion. There is a fantastic buffet restaurant in Ontario called Mandarin Chinese Buffet Restaurant. It is expensive, but the quality of food is fantastic. I don’t go very often, but whenever I get the chance, I love it, I’m glad I could go, and I look forward to going again. I never think how awful it is that I can’t go all the time. I’m wondering if that is how it will be when a being from a Kingdom above visits… it’ll be great, we’ll be happy we were able to feel that, and can’t wait for that being to come again.

Just my two cents…

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