Moroni: A Prophet’s Resume

Was reading in this book entitled “Scriptures for the Modern World” put out by BYU studies and I came across this interesting chapter that examined the prophet Moroni and gave a hypothetical resume for him. I hope you all get a kick out of it like I did. Some interesting stuff for sure.


Number: 9-21-22-23

Refile:     X__   

Reason: New Calling


Priesthood Resume

Planet: Earth

Earth Year A.D. 1823


Name: Moroni ben Mormon

Date of Mortal Birth: A.D. 4th Century

Date of Mortal Death: A.D. 5th Century

Nationality: Nephite

Hemisphere: Promised Land

Tribal Identity: House of Joseph


Education Experience and Degrees:

  1. Elementary education in various Nephite schools
  2. Advanced training in scripture, history, language and engraving
  3. Language proficiency:
    1. Hebrew (native tongue)
    2. Reformed Egyptian (language of the plates)
    3. Jaredite (studied the writings of Ether)
    4. Spanish and Portuguese (worked with Columbus and his crews)[1]
    5. English (worked with U.S. revolutionary officers)[2]
    6. Adamic (language of heaven)
  4. Degrees attained:
    1. Elementary grades – army schools and elementary schools
    2. Advanced degree – school of technology
    3. Highest degree attained to date: Celestial degree with highest honours


Military Experience:

  1. Raised in a military setting – son of Mormon, Nephite commander-in-chief
  2. Active duty (Nephite regular army)
  3. Considerable combat experience
  4. Highest rank attained: major-general
  5. Led 10,000 troops at Cumorah; responsible simultaneously for a large civilian population
  6. Special advisor to American Revolutionary forces, A.D. 18th Century


Church Callings and Responsibilities:

  1. Called to ministry
  2. Assistant to the Church President
  3. General Authority – Prophet, seer and revelatory
  4. Scripture writer – engraved Mormon 8-9 and Moroni 1-10 on the plates of Mormon (contain several visions of the latter days); wrote the sealed portion of the plates of Mormon (several hundred pages) which contains the spiritual experiences of Mahonri Moriancumer; given a superior rating
  5. Abridger – Jaradite record (book of Ether)
  6. Archivist – responsible for golden plates; length of service: fourteen hundred years and continuing to serve
  7. Dedicated several temple sites
  8. Present keys: keys of the record of the stick of Ephraim
  9. Present calling: guardian angel of America



  1. Mortality – Traveled extensively throughout the promised land, including New York via Utah overland; also traveled throughout Zarahemla, Bountiful and Desolation
  2. Postmortal – Considerable Atlantic and Caribbean Sea travel (assisted Columbus in discovering America; guided Columbus’s vessels to designated haven); traveled with the Revolutionary Army troops while assisting them in establishing the United States of America
  3. Air Travel – Many round trips between heaven and earth fulfilling his various responsibilities


Philosophies of Education:

               Moroni emphasizes the scriptures, assured of their divinity. His pupils must read them prayerfully and seek answers through authorized channels. Moroni utilizes a variety of approaches, but favours face-to-face contact, narration, field trips, and hilltop instructions. Moroni reasons well with his pupils. If it is deemed wise, he uses extraordinary methodology to arouse attention and to maintain it.


New Assignment:

Teach Joseph Smith (prophet designate of the last dispensation) the gospel. Specifically, teach him what the Lord is going to do, and how and in what manner His kingdom is to be conducted in the last days.


Future Assignments:

  1. Archivist – sealed plates (continuing)
  2. To deliver the sealed portion to the Prophet for translation
  3. The fifth angel of the Apocalypse
  4. A prominent angel at Adam-ondi-Ahman
  5. Guardian angel of America (continuing)
  6. Angelic aide to the Nephites and Lamanites
  7. Services at the judgment bar

[1] Orson Hyde, in Journal of Discourses, 26 vols., 6:368.

[2] Ibid, 368.

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  1. That’s kind of funny. It would be interesting to see a resume of a variety of scriptural figures.

    I was wondering about the Orson Hyde stuff, and found it at

    In those early and perilous times, our men were few, and our resources limited. Poverty was among the most potent enemies we had to encounter; yet our arms were successful; and it may not be amiss to ask here, by whose power victory so often perched on our banner? It was by the agency of that same angel of God that appeared unto Joseph Smith, and revealed to him the history of the early inhabitants of this country, whose mounds, bones, and remains of towns, cities, and fortifications speak from the dust in the ears of the living with the voice of undeniable truth. This same angel presides over the destinies of America, and feels a lively interest in all our doings. He was in the camp of Washington; and, by an invisible hand, led on our fathers to conquest and victory; and all this to open and prepare the way for the Church and kingdom of God to be established on the western hemisphere, for the redemption of Israel and the salvation of the world.

    This same angel was with Columbus, and gave him deep impressions, by dreams and by visions, respecting this New World. Trammeled by poverty and by an unpopular cause, yet his persevering and unyielding heart would not allow an obstacle in his way too great for him to overcome; and the angel of God helped him—was with him on the stormy deep, calmed the troubled elements, and guided his frail vessel to the desired haven.

    Cool! I’ve never read that before…

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