Scriptures that make you think of mothers

I’ve mentioned before that I am a Stake Institute Teacher right now. I went to an in-service meeting last Thursday, and the area Seminaries & Institutes guy asked us (there were only 4 of us) each to share our favourite scripture that makes us think about mothers. Here is what was shared:

  • Jeremiah 18 – the potter made something that wasn’t good, and tried again. We are like this in the Lord’s hands. We are also like this in our mother’s hands. They build us and shape us and help us become who we are
  • No particular verse was given, but one person talked about the women in Christ’s life
  • 1 Nephi 1: 1 – hopefully we can all say we were born of goodly parents
  • Joseph Smith – History 1: 20 – after having the First Vision, Joseph Smith went home. As Elder Bednar said, Joseph’s mother was in the right place at the right time asking the right questions

I thought it was interesting that no one mentioned the strippling warriors and how their mothers had taught them.

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