Study: People tweet more about church than beer

Here is another quick one from CNN

In an effort to look at cultural differences across the United States, a data analysis company selected two words that it felt exemplified an American cultural divide and analyzed their usage on Twitter.

The words: “beer” and “church.”

And according to the study by, Americans tweet more about church than beer, and there is a distinct regional divide between the tweets.

The article also has a map of the United States that shows the density of tweets for those two terms. If you look at Utah, you’ll see that right around the Salt Lake City and Provo area people tweet much more about church. Just north of that is an area where people tweet much more about beer. The so-called Bible Belt apparently tweets a lot more about church than beer.

I don’t know how accurate the study is, or how accurately things are placed on the map, but it is still interesting.

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