The baptism of my second child

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At the beginning of the month my middle child turned 8 years old.  We had been planning his baptism for a few months as we had to schedule it when some family were coming in from out of town. The baptism took place this past Sunday. As mentioned, it was my second child to be baptized.

Leading up to the baptism, I asked my son about his decision, and he said that he didn’t have a choice. He wasn’t bitter about it, he just knew that this is what you did when you are 8. I explained to him that he did have a choice, but when you commit to the Church, then it makes some of our decisions a lot easier to make.

We had 16 members of our family there, which was great. I performed the baptism and my older brother and my father were the witnesses. I performed the confirmation with the two of them assisting.

There was a huge turnout from the ward (maybe 70 people?). Part of that was because on the 5th Sundays we have a “Munch and Mingle” potluck lunch, and people were staying for that. However, I think that even without the lunch, there would have been a large turnout. We have always found the ward to be very supportive, and my son is well-liked.

I’m not sure why there was a difference, but I found this experience much more spiritual. It certainly isn’t because I love my second son any more than the first. It is probably several things, but one of them is definitely that I am feeling better about myself and my spirituality, so nothing felt forced. I was open to the Spirit, and it was there. I hope others felt it and were strengthened by it. I was.

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