The urgency of the work

I don’t have any cool quotes to share with this, but here are a few thoughts…

During my time in leadership positions in the Church, I have found that some people seem to take their time. This may seem like an appropriate thing. We need to ponder/study things out in our hearts and minds and then wait for the Spirit to direct us. The problem I have with this is that I feel that God wants us to act for ourselves in most situations. We are to act in faith. We have experience; we know what is right; we know what we want to accomplish. We should act!

We are at war in a battle for the souls of men and women everywhere. We don’t have the luxury of delaying our actions. Could you imagine a “real” battlefield, with people falling to their death everywhere, and a military leader sitting by while he/she ponders what should be done? In the midst of battle, you have to make quick choices. That is why you are a leader.

I’ve always felt a great urgency for this work. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always show in my actions. Like I posted yesterday, I don’t want to be a nominal member. I want to get out there and fight that battle, but sometimes the circumstances in our lives stop us from being as involved as we want to be. I need to do better.

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