“…the shaping sounds of lullabies…”

A couple of weeks ago I filled in again as a teacher in the Book of Mormon Gospel Doctrine Sunday School class. I taught lesson 32 which covered Alma 53-63. This is the part of Alma where we read about the “army of Helaman”, those 2,000+ young men who fought in the war. There was obviously a lot of great material to cover, but I figured I’d share one quote inparticular that I love. When talking about how their mothers had taught them, I shared this quote from Elder Maxwell:

“Women… rock a sobbing child without wondering if today’s world is passing them by, because they know they hold tomorrow tightly in their arms. . . .

“When the real history of mankind is fully disclosed, will it feature the echoes of gunfire — or the shaping sounds of lullabies?”

Neal A Maxwell, Woman [1979], 96

This reminded me of an experience from 10+ years ago. My parents family has been renting a cottage for years and years for a week in the summer. When my first child was born, we went up to the cottage with our baby boy who was only a coule of weeks old. One night my wife got up to feed our son, and was singing quietly to him. My father was awake and heard it, and to this day he talks about how special that was. He said it was like the voice of an angel. It’s not that my wife is a professional singer (she sings fine), it’s that here was a mother, all alone with her child, singing to her feeding baby. “The shaping sounds of lullabies” indeed!

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