The place of religion in today’s world

I have an original Samsung Galaxy Tab (7″) that I read most of my news on. One of the best news apps is Huffington Post. They certainly do have a bias about some things, but when it comes to quantity of news articles, the app really can’t be beat. The app is also nice because you can rearrange the topics so they fit in the order you want.

I know that this isn’t an authoritative example of where religion fits into our society today, but I still found it interesting to see where the default position of the Religion topic is. Here is what you see when you use the app:

  1. Front Page
  2. Politics
  3. Business
  4. Money
  5. Media
  6. Tech
  7. Entertainment
  8. Celebrity
  9. Comedy
  10. Sports
  11. Style
  12. Stylelist
  13. Stylelist Home
  14. Culture
  15. World
  16. Green
  17. Science
  18. Food
  19. Kitchen Daily
  20. Crime
  21. Weird News
  22. Travel
  23. TV
  24. Healthy Living
  25. Health and Fitness
  26. Health News
  27. GPS for the Soul
  28. Women
  29. Black Voices
  30. Latino Voices
  31. Voces
  32. Gay Voices
  33. Parents
  34. Weddings
  35. Divorce
  36. Huff/Post 50
  37. Arts
  38. Books
  39. Religion

I have no proof of this, but I assume that the layout of the app would be based on what people are most interested in. It’s kind of sad that religion is so far down the list!

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