Among the 200 most influential people in the world

On Saturday as we were out running some errands we stopped at a few garage sales. As is often the case, several of the garage sales had boxes of books. One place had an old book (30-50 years old?) that was about the 100 most influential people in the history of the world (I can’t remember the exact title). There was a page or two about each person along with a photo or artwork.

I flipped to the back and found Joseph Smith in the index. I flipped to the page, but it was actually a list of the 2nd group of 100 influential people. It was strictly a list, so there was no information about him. But I still found it interesting that out of all of the people who have ever lived, at one point he was found to be among the top 200 most influential people of all time.

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    1. You know, I’m almost embarassed to say that I didn’t check. It was a “secular” book, so there were a fair number of philosophers and political leaders. I only browsed the book for a moment, so I couldn’t even tell you another name that was on the list.

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