Lego replica of Salt Lake Temple

I’ve mentioned before that my kids love LEGO. They thought Brick of Mormon Stories was awesome, and they were amazed by the great LEGO replica of the Bountiful Utah Temple. Well, here is another one to add to the list. The blog Sixteen Small Stones has posted pictures of someones replica of the Salt Lake Temple. It looks fantastic!

I love the golden LEGO figure on top 🙂

Be sure to follow the link above to see a larger image, along with several others.

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  1. Very cool! Very similar to the one I finished building in 2007. I like how this artist was able to solve the problem of the complicated spire detail and the added detail on the Moroni statue. My LEGO replica of the SLC Temple also does not have any landscaping or figures in the diorama. Couldn’t afford the salmon-colored tiles to duplicate the sidewalks around the temple. 🙂 Here’s a link to mine, for the sake of comparison:

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