Elder Holland speaks at CES Devotional

Did you watch the devotional on Sunday night? I know it was for college-aged adults, but since it available on the Church web site, anyone can watch. I figured since I am a Stake Institute Teacher, it’d be good for me to know what the leaders are saying to the YSA.

It was fantastic! There was a 10-minute section of the middle where I wanted to yell out “Amen!” at the end of every statement. I’m not sure what the “title” of his talk was, but he spoke about how the scriptures are filled with examples of how God called his people to move to a place where things would be well. They would flee or escape and then settle and build. This time in world history we are not doing that. Rather than fleeing, we are attacking. We need to stand for what is right. It was great!

Here are my notes:

Elder Jeffrey R Holland

  • God is always calling the children of Israel to a place where things will be well
  • They would flee and seek, run and settle and escape and build
  • Our dispensation is different
  • It is a time of might accelerated change
  • We will never again flee
  • Zion is not where you are but how you live
  • Told 3 stores of “Babylon”
    1. Basketball player
      • told a story about a basketball player who left a team to play for another
      • when he returned to the original town to play, the people booed him
      • one fan said they checked their religion at the door and just were fans
      • for the establishment of Zip in the latter-days, you never check your religion at the door
      • We stand as witness at all times and in all places
    2. Girl with rainbow hair
      • spoke of seeing a girl that had hair the colour of all the flavors of sno-cones and lots of piercings
      • how we respond to someone like her needs to make things better
      • we can still have standards, but we need to live them and defend them in a righteous way
      • this is no small task to be able to compassionate, yet still stand up for what you believe to be right
      • there is a sheepfold, and we are all supposed to be in it
      • we can never dumb down our doctrine
    3. Story of family living in awful conditions
      • told a story about visiting a location and speaking with a member who was a policeman
      • the policeman talked about a situation where the family was living in horrible conditions
      • we need to take gospel values to our communities
      • we can’t solve every problem overnight
  • Israel, Israel, God is calling
  • we aren’t fleeing; we are attacking
  • when He comes again, I want to be caught living the gospel
  • God loves you and needs you

I’m looking forward to reading the text of Elder Holland’s talk when it is available.

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