Upcoming 184th Annual General Conference

I know I haven’t blogged much at all for months, but I’m getting back into it. I will have my regular conference summaries up at the end of each session.

I haven’t seen much speculation this year about announcements for General Conference.  I don’t generally join in the speculation myself, but I certainly enjoy reading about it. It kind of gives you a view into what people think about the Church (the fact that they think a certain change will be announced). I assume there won’t be any huge things announced. There rarely are. However I assume that there will be a couple of things announced or spoken about that will turn out to be quite important. There always are.

Enjoy the conference!

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Former YM President, EQ President, Bishop, and Stake Institute Teacher. Now back to being the YM President. Happily married to Lisa, with 3 beautiful children.

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