“…Venting Is Only Making You Madder”

With all of the turmoil in the world today and how everything seems to be more urgent on social media, it got me thinking about an article I had read this summer. New York magazine had an article called “Gchat Venting Is Only Making You Madder“. It highlighted how we generally like to vent and feel that it is doing some kind of good. It feels good to get things off our chest. However, apparently that is not what the research shows. After summarizing one study, the article states, “Venting ‘just doesn’t work the way people think it does’… Most people think that it’s psychologically healthy to let it all out or blow off steam — but if this were true, then after a venting session, you should feel calmer and less angry.”. It continues with the following, “…expressing their anger seemed to preserve rather than reduce the hostile feelings… There’s even some evidence that letting your anger out in this way could be causing some serious damage to your physical health, as one study published earlier this year linked angry tweets to higher incidence of heart disease.”

Given our understanding that contention is of the devil, it doesn’t really come as much surprise that venting doesn’t help.

Interesting stuff…

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