President Hinckley Ranked #3 in Blog Mentions on Jan 28th

The Director of the Internet Coordination Group for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Larry Richman, runs a blog called ldsWebGuy. Yesterday he posted that according to BlogPulse, Gordon B. Hinckley was the 3rd most referenced person in the blogosphere on Monday. As you can see from the screenshot, almost all of the […]

Special “The Daily Universe” section on the life of President Hinckley

The Daily Universe is the newspaper at BYU. They have a special section about the life of President Hinckley that can be downloaded from the BYU web site in PDF format. It looks pretty good.

Gordon B. Hinckley has passed away

I was reading a blog posting at By Common Consent last night, and someone posted a one-line comment that said President Hinckley had died. It seemed kind of random, but I went to the Salt Lake Tribune web site and there was nothing there. Deseret News wouldn’t load at all, so I figured something was […]

Welcome to Mormonopia!

For years now I’ve had plans to start a web site where I can post my thoughts, impressions, and links to useful Church-related material. I registered the Mormonopia name a while ago, and I’ve finally put something up. If you’re wondering about the name, here’s how I look at it: Mormon – This is the […]

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