Survey: Many believe in divine intervention

The Associated Press (seen on CNN) has an article about how most people believe that God will save people’s lives: When it comes to saving lives, God trumps doctors for many Americans. An eye-opening survey reveals widespread belief that divine intervention can revive dying patients. And, researchers said, doctors “need to be prepared to deal […]

Math + religion = Trouble

This article from the Toronto Star is 7 months old, and I’ve had a draft sitting waiting to be posted since then. Which math-phobic among us has not beseeched God for help with another colon-clenching algebra or calculus exam? Had we heeded the words of the German mathematician Leopold Kronecker, perhaps we would have realized […]

U.S. Religious Landscape Survey

It seems that the buzz in the Bloggernacle is about the U.S. Religious Landscape Survey from the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. I don’t really anything to add to the discussion which has already taken place, but here are a few links: Mormons and the Pew U.S. Religious Landscape Survey – Times & […]

A Lead on the Ark of the Covenant

Time magazine has a great article on their web site that talks about “Tudor Parfitt, a real life scholar-adventurer” who think he knows where the Ark of the Covenant is, or at least “the last thing on earth in direct descent from the Ark of Moses” (you’ll have to read the article to understand what […]

The Bible According To Google Earth

Apparently the people at The Glue Society created some art for a show last year. The series was called God’s Eye View and has 4 pictures that are essentially images from Google Maps but that are of biblical events. For example, here is the crucifixion: There are also pictures of the flood, parting the Red […]

‘Knowledge of religion shallow, commitment deep’ in U.S.

The National Post had an interesting article last Saturday called ‘Knowledge of religion shallow, commitment deep’ in U.S. I guess it isn’t too surprising that in today’s world people are less-focused on organized religion, but still trying to be “committed”. However, I still found some of his findings surprising: Only half of American adults can […]

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