President Hinckley’s Poem

I think this is the last posting I’ll have about Gordon B. Hinckley’s passing and the event surrounding it… At the funeral, there were two hymns sung that were written by President Hinckley. Most people are aware that the lyrics for hymn # 135, My Redeemer Lives, were written by President Hinckley and the music […]

Former Executive Named to Lead Mormon Church

From the New York Times: An 80-year-old former advertising and publishing executive, Thomas S. Monson, was named on Monday to be the 16th president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, one week after the death of the previous president, Gordon B. Hinckley. Mr. Monson’s appointment was expected. Leadership changes in the 13-million […]

And so the work moves on…

It really is one of the beautiful things about the Church… a change in the First Presidency is smooth and simple. Today at a press conference (which I watched on the BYU TV web site) it was announced that Thomas S. Monson is the new President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, […]

“Changing of the guard”

The funeral for President Hinckley was yesterday and it was quite nice. You can view it on BYU.TV still. I was composed through the whole thing until right at the very end. President Monson gave the concluding address, and after quoting “God Be With You Till We Meet Again”, he said, “Gordon, God be with […]

Into the Future

Newsweek has a great article about how the Church picks a new leader, and then about the overall state of the Church: …”That’s the purpose of a prophet,” Hinckley told NEWSWEEK in 2005. “To answer the questions of the times … The purpose of a prophet is to lead these people through the contemporary thicket […]

Special “The Daily Universe” section on the life of President Hinckley

The Daily Universe is the newspaper at BYU. They have a special section about the life of President Hinckley that can be downloaded from the BYU web site in PDF format. It looks pretty good.

Gordon B. Hinckley has passed away

I was reading a blog posting at By Common Consent last night, and someone posted a one-line comment that said President Hinckley had died. It seemed kind of random, but I went to the Salt Lake Tribune web site and there was nothing there. Deseret News wouldn’t load at all, so I figured something was […]

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