Recent Family Search training

As I mentioned before, I get emails that go to the Family History Consultants. An email I got a while ago had a link to an address that Elder L. Whitney Clayton gave to Family History Consultants in the Salt Lake, Jordan River, and Bountiful temple districts in late 2007. The email includes a link […]

“A Brand New Year” web site

In conjunction with a DVD that was released by the Church for the youth, there is a new accompanying web site. The site has videos from the DVD, songs, pictures, and more. This is all to help emphasize the new theme. The site can be reached at or I have updated the Official […]

Updates to Church web site listings

I just added 2 new sites to the Useful Sub sections of the Official web sites of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints page. These are parts of the Church web site that have to do with Member and Leader Services as well as the Temple Entry System.

Seminary and Institute sub-domains at

The LDS Media Talk blog recently posted about some excellent Flash-based scripture mastery pages. I assumed this would be on the site. I As I followed the link, I found that it had its own sub-domain. Not only is there information about scripture mastery, but there are links to the manuals, scriptures, and […]

Preserving the Divine Institution of Marriage

In conjunction with a broadcast to California last night (about Proposition 8), the Church has started a new official web site called Preserving the Divine Institution of Marriage. As you can tell, it is currently aimed at California residents. Once that vote is done, I would assume the Church would keep the site and make […]

LDS Account

I currently have separate logins for COL, Missionary applications, Ward Web sites, LDS Catalog, Tech Forums, etc. A couple of them are the same, or I may have the same login name, but there are still at least 3 different accounts. It would appear that the Church is trying to change this. There is a […]

Official Church videos web site

Another update to the listing of Official web sites of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints… Did you know the Church has a sub-domain (actually a redirect to another part of the site) that is exclusively for videos? Well, has scripture resource videos, firesides, and even The World Report (the news show […]

Official web sites of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints v2

One of the most popular pages on this site is the posting a I did a while ago on the Official Web sites of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (note: this links to the old version). Since then, I’ve collected new links and have created a page that is linked to on […]

Pearl of Great Price Sudoku

I don’t get the New Era (yet… I subscribed on Monday), but apparently the July issue has a neat word Sudoku with 9 words from or about Moses 1:39. The words are: Moses 1:39 For Behold Work Glory Immortality Eternal Life This is a neat idea. Hopefully they will do more of them.

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