Encyclopedia of Mormonism Online in Searchable Text

LDS Media Talk has let us all know that the “Encyclopedia of Mormonism Online in Searchable Text“: We’re now happy to announce that the Encyclopedia of Mormonism is available in text format that is fully searchable. Each entry also has a link back to a PDF scan of the page from the original 1992 publication. […]

Another official web site – Official Communication Library

Probably the most popular posting I’ve done is a long list of official web sites of the Church (I’ll probably revise it soon). I recently learned about another site… the Official Communication Library. This is a repository of memos and other communications from Church Headquarters. Apparently only Stake Presidents have access to it, but I […]

The Apostle Song

Someone sent me a link to a YouTube video for something called “The Apostle Song”. It is a little song that helps you remember our current 15 apostles (including the First Presidency). The tune sounds like the theme song from The Beverly Hillbillies (or so my wife says). Strangely enough, that very day I also […]

More on church research

One of the most read posts so far was on the Church Information Division. Well, the church does more research other than the phone calls I described. They also do basic surveys, just like ones you might see from major companies (about product satisfaction). No, you probably won’t be asked to fill out a survey […]


Yesterday I posted about a bunch of official Church web sites. I then read a blog posting from ldsWebguy about a new section of the Church web site at JesusChrist.LDS.org: Using the words of latter-day prophets and apostles as its foundation, the site focuses solely on the life, teachings, and mission of the Savior and […]

Official web sites of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The Church is doing a remarkable job at getting things online. The online missionary recommendation forms are a great example of this. Young men and women are already computer savvy and can go online and fill out the form. Then the Bishop and Stake President enter some other information and it’s done. Within a few […]

60 Minutes interview with President Hinckley

Last night CBS replayed the 60 Minutes interview that Mike Wallace had with President Hinckley in 1996. The president and prophet of the Mormon church, Gordon B. Hinckley, died last Sunday at age 97. He was buried Saturday in Salt Lake City. The church broadcast his memorial service around the world in 69 languages. President […]

President Hinckley Ranked #3 in Blog Mentions on Jan 28th

The Director of the Internet Coordination Group for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Larry Richman, runs a blog called ldsWebGuy. Yesterday he posted that according to BlogPulse, Gordon B. Hinckley was the 3rd most referenced person in the blogosphere on Monday. As you can see from the screenshot, almost all of the […]

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