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The Church is doing a remarkable job at getting things online. The online missionary recommendation forms are a great example of this. Young men and women are already computer savvy and can go online and fill out the form. Then the Bishop and Stake President enter some other information and it’s done. Within a few days a call letter is sent. I waited 8 weeks for my mission call. The last couple of missionaries that have gone out from our ward have waited about 10-12 days. Amazing! The other sites the Church have also provide great information, both for members and leaders, and even non-members.

Here is a list of the 115 links below covering the following:

Hopefully you will find the list helpful.

Main sites – official Church domains

  1. (redirects to – a youth-oriented site
  2. – the non-profit genealogical site
  3. – official Church web site… of course you know about this
  4. – the proselyting web site of the Church
  5. – the “self-reliance and welfare resources” web site

Secondary sites – official Church domain names. Some are their own sites, others redirect to a section of the site

  1. – Church History Library area of the Church History section of
  2. – Church History Museum area of the Church History section of
  3. or – redirects to a section of the Gospel Library about combating pornography
  4. – a Church web site all about President Hinckley
  5. or – This is domain that LDS Family Services uses to provide information about adoption resources.
  6. – a Church web site all about Joseph Smith
  7. – The Joseph Smith Papers
  8. – this is the distribution centre web site. Each unit can login as a unit and see things that the normal member wouldn’t see. If you don’t have a username and password for your unit you can call them and they will mail one to you
  9. – the Church Education System web site. From here you can download various manuals and bookmarks
  10. or – This is be the main domain for LDS Family Services. It redirects to a page on the site.
  11. or – redirects to the Employment section of
  12. – LDS Ghurch GroupWise WebAccess
  13. – “a department of the Office of the Presiding Bishopric responsible for philanthropic donations to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its affiliated charities”
  14. – the official site for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
  15. – Preserving the Divine Institution of Marriage
  16. – a Church web site all about President Monson

Missionary-related sites

  1. – “If you’re like most families, you’ve had your share of challenges. 3 Simple Ways to become A happier Family will provide some great ideas to improve your family’s relationships.”
  2. or – redirects to a section of that lets you watch/listen to Church television and radio messages about the family
  3. – Request free copy of Finding Faith in Christ video
  4. – redirects to
  5. – request free copy of The Holy Bible
  6. – Request free copy of The Lamb of God video
  7. – Missionary Training Center
  8. – Request free copy of The Nativity video
  9. – MTC Referral Manager
  10. – Request free copy of Together Forever video

Sub-domains – sub-domains that almost all redirect to another portion of the site

  1. – Allocation for Church-service Missionaries and Volunteer Labor
  2. – American Sign Language resources
  3. – The church Publications in Compressed Audio Format site.
  4. – Braille resources.
  5. – Access broadcast events and audio and video archives, including the scriptures, general conference, and devotionals. Also listen to live streaming instrumental music and LDS-related radio.
  6. – redirects to the Church-wide calendar of events
  7. – the new online version of the Church Directory of Organizations and Leaders that uses the LDS Account
  8. – Information and links to various LDS Church history resources
  9. (also and redirects to the Clerk and Technology Support area of the Serving in the Church section
  10. – redirects to a directory listing Church web sites for countries around the world.
  11. – LDS Disability Resources sub-domain created to offer support, comfort, and an increased level of acceptance toward those with disabilities.
  12. – a redirect that takes you to the Education section of Home and Family section of
  13. – a redirect that takes you to the Employment section of Home and Family section of
  14. – redirects you to the Ensign section of the Gospel Library
  15. – redirects to the Home and Family section of
  16. -a redirect that takes you to the Friend section of the Gospel Library
  17. – LDS Gems – the shortest address to remember to sign up for emails or RSS feeds of gems (good/interesting/faith-promoting stories, scriptures, etc) from the following categories: Church History Gems, Daily Gems, Family Gems, Young Single Adult Gems, Youth Gems
  18. – redirects to the General Conference section of the Gospel Library
  19. – redirects to a part of the Gospel Library where photographs of scriptural sites, Church History sites, and temples can be viewed as well as the (almost) complete Gospel Art Picture Kit
  20. – redirects to the main Gospel Library page of
  21. – redirects to the Gospel Topics section of the Gospel Library.
  22. – redirects to the Humanitarian Services section of
  23. – redirects you to the Image Libraries section of the Gospel Library.
  24. – Institutes of Religion resources
  25. – resources for interpretation in Wards and Branches
  26. – a Church web site all about Jesus Christ
  27. – LDS Account – “the main sign-on account for many online LDS Church resources, such as, and LDS Art Competition.” Hopefully this morphs into a single sign-on for all Church sites.
  28. and – Official Communication Library. Stake Presidents can look up previously issued memos and other official directives
  29. -a redirect that takes you to the Liahona section of the Gospel Library
  30. – one of the coolest tools the Church has! You put in an address, and it shows the closest meetinghouses. In my case, I put my address in, and it showed me 3 meetinghouses within 50 miles or so. It then shows that the address I entered is actually part of 2 assigned congregations (my actual ward, and a YSA branch).
  31. – Member and Leader Services – Those authorized can login and download the latest version of MLS (the Church membership software) and other system-related software/documentation
  32. – the shortest address to remember to get to the Church’s music web site. From here you can download music, use the Interactive Church Music Player, and more
  33. -a redirect that takes you to the New Era of the Gospel Library
  34. – The official resource for news media, opinion leaders, and the public.
  35. – Perpetual Education Fund
  36. or – redirects to a page where you can find all of the podcasts and rss feeds (both sub-domains take you to the same place)
  37. – Mormon Channel – the official radio station of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  38. – redirects to the Relief Society area of the Serving in the Church section (note that unlike the additional abbreviated sub-domain for YM, there is no sub-domain that works as of right now)
  39. – redirects to a part of the web site that explains the new Spanish edition of the Holy Bible.
  40. – the standard works available online
  41. – Seminary resources
  42. – Redirects to the Temples section of
  43. – LDS Videos – the Church has put a lot of videos online. There are scripture resource videos, firesides, and even The World Report (the news show between sessions of conference).
  44. or – redirects to Young Women area of the Serving in the Church section (both sub-domains take you to the same place)

Schools and Education – these are official web sites associated with Church-run schools

  1. – Be Smart. Information about higher education with links to Church school sites (see Schools section below)
  2. – BYU
  3. – BYU TV
  4. or – BYU Broadcasting
  5. – BYU Hawaii
  6. – BYU Idaho
  7. – Encyclopedia of Mormonism
  8. – LDS Business College
  9. or or – Neal A Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship
  10. – Scriptural Index to the Latter-day Prophets – this isn’t technically a Church site, but it’s BYU so it counts. On this site you can look up a scripture, and then find all of the General Conference talks that have used that scripture. It is a great resource for preparing talks and finding a good quote.

Useful Tools – useful addresses to know that will redirect to the appropriate sections

  1. – the online missionary application form
  2. – Temple Entry System – most of the temples world-wide have now switched over to the new barcoded temple recommends. The stake computer has a scanner and can activate recommends, but those authorized can also activate them over the web.
  3. – This is the shortest address to remember to get to a Ward/Branch/Stake/District web site
  4. – Outlook Web Access for Church email accounts – I don’t have one, but if you have an address, I assume this is where you can check your email.

Technical Sites – technical/IT related sites

  1. – the Church has an official “tech” web site. There are postings from various Church employees
  2. – the best part of the tech web site is the forum. You can post questions or answer other people’s questions about MLS, new Family Search, and more. From the forums I’ve learned about upcoming changes to MLS, learned about how to do certain things, and learned about upcoming test programs the Church is running (new mission tools online, new Family Search, Internet access in clerk’s office, etc)
  3. – “The purpose of this wiki is for the Church and community members to collaborate on various documents and technology projects sponsored by the Church.”

Family History – various official genealogy sites

  1. – information on how to contact FamilySearch Support
  2. – the non-profit genealogical site
  3. – FamilySearch Indexing – The Church has a great system online where everyone could index records. You read a handwritten census sheet or something like that and type in what you’ve read. Someone else does the same thing and they they work through a process of standardizing the input. Very impressive!
  4. – FamilySearch Labs – This site has links to several different projects that are currently being tested. At the time of this writing, there are links to Research Wiki, Standard Finder, Family Tree, and Record Search
  5. – FamilySearch Area Support Missionary Database
  6. – official web site of the new Family Search. The roll-out of this has been delayed, but it looks like it will go along way in stopping duplication in our temple work. Since it is online, the information is always current, and members will be able to connect more easily.
  7. – this web site is for Family History Consultants and Priesthood leaders. I registered here and that is what got me access a couple of months ago to the new Family Search beta. I’m not sure if that is still true today.
  8. – starting point that allows a FamilySearch Support Technician to remotely connect to your computer
  9. – FamilySearch Research Log
  10. or – There are dozens of sources to search
  11. – Free family history research advice for the community, by the community

Other official Church-related links – links to Church-related presences on external sites

  1. – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Facebook
  2. – Ensign magazine on Facebook
  3. – Friend magazine on Facebook
  4. – LDS Newsroom on Facebook
  5. – Liahona magazine on Facebook
  6. – New Era magazine on Facebook
  7. – This is a site that only LDS Family Services staff have access to. It is hosted by, a data collection, publishing, and management company. On this site staff can find articles, links, and other resources.
  8. – the official Twitter channel for the LDS Newsroom
  9. – Videos from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  10. – An official channel from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints featuring videos from the New Era, a magazine for Mormon teens.
  11. – Each week, Mormon Messages provides short video segments about the Church’s basic beliefs, as well as inspiring stories and messages of hope.
  12. -Songs sung by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and accompanied by the Mormon Tabernacle Organists, and Orchestra at Temple Square.

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  1. I,Walter H Balmer Jr has beening trying find my sister in Keokuk
    Iowa. I been in comtact with Branch Presdent Payne. He mention
    he has no record,nor his stake. My sister is Doris Kay STIVERSON.
    If your office could locate her ,contact me ,as well Presdent.

    Thank You,
    Walter H Balmer Jr

  2. Im trying to get intouch with who ever publishes matrials for the missionaries. I have created a visual aid that works side by side with The Preach My Gospel lesson on the Plan of savlation. I’m not sure who I shoud contact to see if it can go through the missinary commity for publication. If anyone knows anything please email me.

  3. hello, am a mormon from nigeria apapa ward in lagos south stake and for some time the land on which my ward is built on is being encroached upon, we have written to physical facilities and reported to stake leaders but to no avail. it pains because we know that the funds for land and building are tithe money. we want international leaders to take note. i have the blessings of my bishop.

  4. I am looking for a nativity set that I was given I think in primary years ago. It was made out of stiff paper like cardstock and was I think in four different pieces. The large one folded out with three slots on both side and you slid the three strips of different pictures dealing with the birth of Christ and when done it was the manger scene. Please help if anyone can.

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