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Stones, Zeppelin Songs Combat Crickets

I first heard about this on NPR’s Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me!

Most members are aware of the story from early Utah when some crickets were eating crops and seagulls came and ate them. The type of cricket has been called Mormon Crickets.

Anyway, these so called Mormon Crickets are causing a problem in Nevada, and officials are trying to use heavy metal music to chase them away.

Imagine waking up with a cricket on your head. Imagine crickets swarming everywhere outside your house. It sounds like some kind of Biblical plague, but it’s actually affecting Tuscarora, Nev. so badly that the residents have resorted to blasting rock ‘n’ roll to combat them…

To me, the most noteworthy thing about this, is that when mentioned on Wait, Wait… there weren’t really any Mormon-related joke. One panelist mentioned that Mormons, like crickets, reproduce a lot, but that was it. There were no jokes about polygamy, nothing about getting rid of Mormons, etc. It would seem that we are indeed making some progress 🙂