“When choosing where to play, Mormon recruits face unique issues”

Andy Staples, a writer for Sports Illustrated (and one whom I’m not familiar with) posted an excellent article last week about the challenges that active LDS athletes face in choosing a school and the possibility that they may leave for 2 years for a mission. I was an average athlete in high scho0l, and never […]

Religious Freedom Day, 2009

For some reason the other night I was poking around the White House web site, and came across the proclamations page. Apparently today (January 16, 2009) is Religious Freedom Day in the United States. I haven’t read anything on- or offline about this. The proclamation is worded very well. I particularly appreciated the following: Our […]

2009 “State of the Ward” address

Since I’ve been bishop, it has been tradition (as I’m sure it is in many wards) that I speak on the first Sunday (other than Fast Sunday), and talk about how the previous year was and what we need to work on for the coming year. I did that on Sunday. For those who are […]

Avoiding the syndrome of shaken faith

Orson Scott Card has a great article up on the Mormon Times web site. He gives a lengthy intro to a couple of theories (shaken baby syndrome, global warming, recovered memories, etc) and how if we get too caught up with something, we can run into problems when that thing changes. I might not be […]

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