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182nd Annual General Conference – Pre-conference notes

It is amazing that another 6 months has gone by, and another General Conference is upon us. In a way, not much has changed since last conference… the economy still isn’t great; the Church has been in the news lots; there have been no “scandals” that have rocked the church. I guess it is “steady as she goes”. That is mostly a good thing. Instead of having to put out fires, the Church can focus on the doctrine.

The only thing I’m kind of wondering about is the health of some of the apostles. Last conference President Packer and Elder Hales both had oxygen tubes in place. I wonder if their conditions have improved, or worsened.

We’ll be watching General Conference from home again. I’m not working this weekend, so we’ll watch all 4 regular sessions, and then I’ll go with my father to the Priesthood session at Church. We’ll go out to eat afterwards.

Enjoy the conference!

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180th Semiannual General Conference – Pre-conference notes

Somehow, I’m at work again for General Conference. I don’t plan it this way, but it always seems to happen. Oh well, you do what you gotta do. I’ll watch the first session here, and then the  afternoon session at home with my family. I’ll go to Church tonight for our sub-sational with the YM and then the Priesthood Session afterwards. Tomorrow we’ll watch the first session at Church, and the afternoon session at home.

I don’t really have any thoughts/predictions about the conference this weekend. I’ve received the new handbooks, but since we aren’t really supposed to be talking about them until the November 13 broadcast, I don’t think much will be said about them at General Conference. There are no major callings to fill either. I guess it’s kind of nice that I’m going to be watching without any preconceived notions of what to expect.

As I’ve done for the last couple of years, I’ll have brief notes for each session. Enjoy!

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