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Funny junk mail received at Church

We don’t get a lot of mail delivered to the ward meetinghouse. I’m sure this is pretty common. All orders get delivered to the bishop’s home. The Church building group takes care of the standard bills. That leaves junk mail as pretty much the only thing that gets delivered to the building. I’ve found that most of our mail is addressed to “The Church of Jesus Christ of LDS”. We must have gotten on some mailing list with that abbreviation, and then that list was shared.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, so we didn’t have any administration meetings in the morning. I still got to Church just after 8:30 am (Sacrament Meeting starts at 9:30 am) and brought my two sons with me. They know the drill… the first thing I check before I unlock the door is the mail. Yesterday there were several pieces of junk mail, including this Staples leaflet.

I didn’t bother paying attention to the mail at all. I went in the building, and the missionaries were already there. I joked with them that I remembered how much missionaries liked getting mail, so I gave them the junk mail. One of the missionaries looked at it, and then gave it back to me and showed me the other side.

Did you notice who the recipient was?

Funny stuff! Several of us were joking that we should forward it to President Monson.

Mormon-related spam?

I’m an IT guy, and the other day at work I was looking through some bounced messages, and came across one that was sent to someone who know longer works at the company. The subject line was “LDS Singles”, and this is the body of the message:


Weird! I don’t know if it is common in other places, but I’ve never seen this before. I’ve looked through thousands (maybe tens of thousands) of bounces over the years, and never seen a Mormon-related junk mail. Apparently spammers send spam, because it works… so is there interest in LDS singles?