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13 Former Ad Men Who Found Fame in Other Fields

mental_floss magazine has a blog posting on their website about 13 Former Ad Men Who Found Fame in Other Field. President Monson makes the list at #13:

13. Thomas S. Monson
Monson, the current President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, got his start as an advertising executive for newspapers in the 1940s.


Ten important kisses in history

CNN is carrying a mental_floss article about the Ten important kisses in history. As could have been expected, the kiss that Judah gave Jesus is in the top spot:

Nothing ends a good “bromance” quite like flagrant, murderous betrayal. A long time ago, a wandering preacher named Jesus was doing pretty well for himself — building up a following and promoting religious teachings — until one of his buddies sold him out to the authorities. In exchange for 30 pieces of silver, Judas Iscariot kissed Jesus on the cheek and, by doing so, identified him to Roman soldiers.

Although Judas double-crossed his best friend for a paltry sum, some scholars argue that Judas is the secret hero of Christianity.