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What Church RSS feeds to I follow? (3 and a half years later)

I was looking through some old posts and saw one from January 2009 about what feeds I follow that are Church-related. I have a much shorter list than I used to. Many of the blogs that I used to follow haven’t been updated in a long time. Many others are coming to me through the Nothing Wavering listing, so I don’t need to follow them on my own

As a side note, Mormonopia used to be on Nothing Wavering, but isn’t any more. I was never given a reason why it isn’t listed, and I’ve filled out the form 3 times on the site and haven’t heard back from anyone. It’s unfortunate, as I was getting a fair amount of traffic from them. I really noticed when I was doing my General Conference reports for this April. I still had thousands of visitors, but only about half as much as I’d had before.

Anyway, here is what I follow:

If you are interested, you can download a Zip file that can be extracted and imported into Google Reader.

You can also find individual links here:

Mormonopia added to NothingWavering.org!

I’ve had this domain for quite some time, and I had anticipated that I’d be able to blog about quite a bit. However, since I run several other sites, I just haven’t made time for Mormonopia. This year I resolved to change that. To start with, I’m trying to post something every Monday through Friday. This has been challenging, but fun.

One of the main things I’m working on is my list of Official web sites of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As I come across new sites or sub-domains, I post about them and add them to the list. If you are aware of some, please let me know.

Many months ago I applied to be part of NothingWavering.org. This is a web site that aggregates many LDS blogs (or non-Church related blogs by members) into one place. I used to subscribe to lots of different LDS-related blogs, but I’ve since been able to remove half of them and just subscribe to one of the feeds at NothingWavering.org. It’s quite nice.

If you have never visited NothingWavering.org, check it out:

Nothing Wavering

Anyway, I got an email on Thursday telling me that my site was been accepted. That’s great news, but now the pressure’s on to post regularly, and to post good content. I’ll do my best!